Inspired by Stephen Stedman’s classic 1997 article on “Spoiler Problems in Peace Processes,” a recently completed book project, Overlooked Enemies of Peace: Subduing Criminalized Power Structures, provides extensive documentation for the following conclusions: 

The leading spoilers of peace and stability operations are criminalized power structures. Ten case studies demonstrate this, as do four of Stedman’s five cases. 

We chronically overlook this problem, squandering the "golden hour" and driving up costs with inconclusive missions. The result is that “Roughly half of all countries that emerge from war lapse into violence within five years,” according to Kofi Annan.

There are actionable steps that can be taken to address this recurrent risk to mission success, and they would require NO new revenue sources (and should save billions).

Practitioners, professionals, press, and the public are invited to attend this no-cost conference.

Topics covered 

The threat from criminalized power structures criminalized power structures as the leading spoilers of peace processes in:





Sharpen pre-mission assessments to identify whether criminalized power structures are a threat:

       Use hybrid special courts for crimes against the mandate

       Integrate criminal intelligence-led policing into the response discussion leader

       Make accountability a priority equal to capacity building

      Sever the flow of illicit revenue to criminalized power structures

      Create a surge capacity for and add specialized capabilities to formed police units

Event Location:

George Mason University 

Founders Hall Room 111

3351 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22201 

Date and Time:

Monday, March 16, 2015