Combating Criminalized Power Structures:

Predominant Spoilers of Peace Missions



Morning Panel: The threat from criminalized power structures (9:00-12:30)


9:00-9:05 Welcoming remarks: Professor Desmond Arias

Director, George Mason University Peace Operations Master’s Program


9:05-9:20 Keynote address: James Cockayne, UN University (Invited)


9:20-12:30 Chair: Stephen Stedman, Stanford University (Invited)


Criminalized Power Structures as the Leading Spoilers of Peace Processes: Michael Dziedzic, Editor, Overlooked Enemies of Peace: Subduing Criminalized Power Structures


Kosovo: Stefan Feller, Current DPKO Senior Police Advisor and former UNMIK Police Commissioner


Bosnia: Oscar Vera, former Special Advisor to SACEUR for Bosnia and Lt. General Enzo Coppola, former Deputy Commander, Multinational Specialized Unit


Haiti: David Beer, Former MINUSTAH Police Commissioner


Guatemala: Claudia Paz y Paz, Former Guatemalan Attorney General (Invited)



Lunch: 12:30-1:30


Afternoon: Recommended Responses (Breakout sessions)



Chair: William Durch


·      Sharpen Pre-Mission Assessments to Identify Whether Criminalized Power Structures Are a Threat

Discussion Leaders: Len Hawley and Oscar Vera


·      Use Hybrid Special Courts for Crimes against the Mandate

Discussion Leaders: Betsy Andersen and Michael Hartmann


·      Integrate Criminal Intelligence-Led Policing into the Response Discussion Leader: Dave Beer


·      Make Accountability a Priority Equal to Capacity Building

Discussion Leader: Julie Werbel


·      Sever the Flow of Illicit Revenue to Criminalized Power Structures

Discussion Leaders: TBD


·      Create a Surge Capacity for and Add Specialized Capabilities to Formed Police Units

Discussion Leaders: Lt. General Enzo Coppola



Report from breakout groups

(3:30-4:45) (15 minutes per panel)


Closing remarks by UN High Level Peacekeeping Review Panel (4:45-5:00)



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