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     Put Your Data to Work     

Data is the most valuable currency in the idea economy, where ideas that hit the market the fastest—win. Big data done right extracts value immediately to make stakeholders happy, inform big decisions quickly, and find the waste and risk that should be eliminated first. When big data becomes business practice, the experiment ends and the experience wins. The data-driven organization best accomplishes continuous improvement and is most capable of planning for success with predictive power.

     Better Business Through Big Data     

Knowing what you can do with big data is step one. Step two is knowing how to do it. Pax Advisory can consult on whether the HPE Haven platform,  software, services and big data infrastructure to make data tangible for your agency. 
  • Knock down data silos, uncover the unknowns and establish holistic data strategies
  • Analyze all data, structured and unstructured, throughout data and application lifecycles to unify disparate legacy data and the onslaught of new data with HPE IDOL
  • Adapt to needs as they arise with modular cloud and open standards data solutions, so resources are made available quickly and flexibly
  • Balance assets with liabilities through strategy and infrastructure, so only the relevant data pools inform personalization, forecasting and monetization