Understand and evaluate counterpart risk using intelligence. Know more to risk less.

  • International surveys

  • Investigations

  • Investor relations representation

  • Quantitative assessment

  • Market intelligence reviews

  • Proper assessment of the risks to stabilization, good governance, and long-term development presented by criminalized and corrupt networks and identification of the type of threat they pose.

  • Strategic planning designed to tailor the response to the nature of the threat and to exploit their critical vulnerabilities.

  • Tabletop exercises to support the policy community in anticipating the challenges posed by criminalized power structures prior to intervention and designing an appropriate policy response.

  • Anti-corruption programming based on extensive field experience managing U.S. and international efforts in Kosovo and Afghanistan to develop a comprehensive accountability regime.

  • Leveraging technology to foster enhance transparency, promote good governance and reduce corruption through digitization of processes, data center consolidation, eprocurement systems, big data analytics, and open data systems.